Boiler Maintenance Tips

Boiler Maintenance Tips

Boilers play an important role not just in giving you a hot water supply but for the household warming as well. And just like all other heating appliances in your home, boilers also need to be regularly maintained to avoid constant repairs and to keep proper operation throughout the year. Below are some helpful boiler maintenance tips to take note.

Water Level. If the boiler runs on low or without water, it can cause great damage on the components and may cause risks on your home and family’s lives. Turn on the pilot light whenever you check the water level. If you find insufficient water content, check the plumbing and perform some adjustments in the set-up if necessary.

Air Vents and Flues. Dirt and dust particles gather in vents and flues of the boiler and can block the component. This will obstruct the boiler’s proper operation and may lead to major damages. Check the vents and flues regularly and clear out the passage to allow proper airflow.

De-Scaling. Lime scale is usually produced by hard water during the boiler’s operation. Excess lime scale however can gather in the system, affecting the heating capacity of the boiler. De-scale the boiler if you notice too much lime build-up inside.

Leaks. Gas or fuel leaks happen most of the time during the boiler’s normal operation. There are cases that only minor adjustments in the system are needed. However, there are also times that worn out parts are already causing the leaks. If it is the latter, call a professional for help because your boiler may need a repair or replacement of some components.

Flushing. Dirt, lime scale and many other particles can accumulate in the boiler. Flushing out the water from the boiler and doing some internal system cleaning at least twice a year is an effective maintenance procedure. Check and put new gaskets if needed before refilling the boiler.

Lubrication. Your boiler is composed of mechanical components that need regular lubrication to work smoothly. Lubricating the parts which are frequently in motion such as the fans and pumps can help the boiler work fast and efficiently.

Annual Check. Have your boiler inspected by a professional technician at least once a year. This will keep your unit safe to use, ensure its efficiency and solve initial problems accordingly.

Regular maintenance is best when done by the professionals at Withrow Mechanical.