HVAC Installation Cost

HVAC installation cost

HVAC installation in Southlake, TX includes different types of equipment, which mainly provide varying levels of comfort in one’s home. Many factors are involved when determining the HVAC installation cost. Knowing these factors is the most effective way to know how much it would cost you when you install a new system for your home.

Factors to Consider

The Size of Your House

Since air conditioners come in different sizes, which will surely affect the HVAC installation cost. The bigger the house is, the more tons will be needed to cool and heat it. If you want to avoid other problems right after the installation, HVAC maintenance in Southlake, TX can help you a lot.

The Type of Equipment

You have the freedom to choose among the expensive as well as comparable units available in the market. Good thing is that, other heating and air options in Southlake, TX are available and are as reliable as those expensive ones.

Difficulty Level of the Project

Small projects will cost you much lesser as compared to those bigger ones.


There is always a perfect time to replace the ductwork. Just make sure that your price is always reflected accordingly.

The SEER Value

SEER pertains to the measure of the efficiency of the air conditioning unit. Take note that the higher the SEER value, the lower the cost to run it.

Right after knowing all those factors, we now come to the HVAC installation cost.

Type Cost
Heating $4,695
AC (Air Conditioning) $3,598
Evaporative Cooling $1,146
Ventilating Fans $990

Other Considerations

  • Always understand your equipment’s energy consumption needs
  • Both portable models and window do not necessarily need a professional installation
  • For sunny rooms, it is always advisable to choose A/C that has 10% more BTU’s than the required for the size of the room.
  • For those rooms that have more people, you can add about 600 BTU’s per person to what the size of the room mainly requires in the AC capacity.
  • During the initial inspection, the contractors must inform you of all the needed upgrade or modification on the building structure or electrical circuits.
  • Professional installers may charge for additional displacement fees.
  • There might be grant or local subsidy for the upgrade of the energy efficiency
  • The evaporative coolers need an arid and dry climate for them to perform as desired. Under the said conditions, evaporative coolers can lower the room temperature from 15 Degrees Fahrenheit up to 20 Degrees Fahrenheit. They can consume 75% lesser electricity compared to the equivalent AC unit.

The HVAC installation cost varies depending on the region. To get free estimate from the local HVAC company in Southlake TX, all you have to do is indicate yours. However, if the job is too small, you can do the installation on your own. Some evaporative cooling and ventilation units are very DIY friendly. Other portable units and window units are appropriate for DIY savings most especially if the proper outlets are already in place near the windows.