Indoor Air Quality Solutions To Care For Your Air

Indoor Air Quality Solutions to Care for Your Air

A constantly working HVAC unit is not a guarantee of comfortable and healthy indoor air especially this time of the year when pollen and allergy-causing particles are excessive.  Good thing, there are air quality solutions that can put indoor air pollutants to minimum care.

Dangers of Poor IAQ

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has included indoor air among the top environmental dangers to public health. Some of the effects of poor indoor air quality are the following:

  • Nausea, headache, dizziness and other severe health issues
  • Intensified respiratory illnesses
  • Reduced manpower due to absenteeism
  • Business loss due to medical care and underperforming manpower

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Upgrade Air Filters. The air that gets in your HVAC system is filled with airborne particles. Air filters trap these pollutants to secure that the air released inside your home is clean and healthy. Switch to more efficient models such as HEPA filters for better filtration and to get rid of even harmful chemicals in the air.

Install Air Purifiers. An air purifier helps capture the microscopic particles that your low-efficient air filter misses to trap. It also reduces the amount of allergy-causing particles like pollen, dust and pet dander.

Invest On Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers. Too damp and too dry indoor atmosphere have adverse effects on your health and property. Proper humidification is important to prevent dry skin, keep molds and mildew out of your home, and to protect your furniture and flooring as well.

Use Germicidal UV Lights. Another way to kill those bacteria, airborne diseases and organic contaminants is by using germicidal UV lamps. This system is commonly used in health care facilities to prevent diseases from spreading.

Use Air Cleaners. You can choose to install a media air cleaner which uses disposable fabrics to trap air contaminants, or electronic air cleaners which uses electrostatic precipitators to electronically capture contaminants before they can get bounded on the surfaces of the house.

Install Carbon Monoxide Alarms. CO detectors keeps tract of the carbon monoxide content in your home. Have one installed in each floor and do not skip maintenance testing.

Schedule A Professional Service. Schedule a professional home inspection to identify the indoor air quality problems present in your home and to provide the needed solutions.

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