Take Care Of Your HVAC Air Filter Or Else…

Take Care Of Your HVAC Air Filter Or Else…

As a homeowner, you should know that keeping your air filters clean and replacing them periodically is an important maintenance task that shouldn’t be skipped. The rule of thumb is to replace your HVAC air filter once in every 1-3 months. Otherwise, it may cause you the following serious problems.

A clogged and dirty air filter restricts air flow.

When your air filter becomes clogged, the evaporator will start to freeze up causing an adverse impact to the flow of air from the unit’s supply vents. Although the refrigerant is still flowing within the coils, there’s no airflow which means the coils and the refrigerant does not absorb heat. As a result, you won’t enjoy the heating effect you desire.

Your furnace will stop heating.

One of the major causes of furnace malfunction is clogged air filter. Restricted air flow causes the heat in the heat exchanged to get higher and higher. Your furnace has limit switches that open when the temperature goes beyond the designed temperature level. The heat then stops when the high temperature limits open. If the problem is not corrected, your furnace won’t be able to provide the right amount of heat. Tap a certified HVAC specialist to help you with this kind of HVAC problem.

It can cause system damage.

Worse, clogged and dirty air filters can cause damage to your heating or cooling units. That’s why don’t get irked when your local HVAC contractors always advise you to keep your air filter clean and free from any debris.

Don’t let clogged and dirty air filters ruin your investment. Keep them clean and give them a dose of TLC. Also, don’t skip HVAC filter replacement to keep your heating and cooling units up and running all year round.

Talk to your HVAC specialist now about air filter replacement today.