Withrow Mechanical – Maintaining your Air Conditioner


Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your air conditioner running for a long time and get the most out of your investment. Become informed about the best way to keep your system up and running by reading the systems manual or chatting to your trusted air conditioning technician.

Be sure to change your filters at least every couple of months. A dirty filter makes your A/C work harder which can shorten its life span, not to mention the dust and debris you will unintentionally be breathing in.  Twice a year, do a simple check on your A/C and make sure the hoses are not leaking, and the connections appear in place.

Leaking hoses can cause dampness which can lead to mold issues. Be sure that the coils are clean, and remove any debris from the outside unit.  Trim plants and foliage and check the visible interior and exterior for insects.  Inside your house or business make an effort to keep vents free and clear of obstructions such as furniture, this will allow for better air flow.

Besides performing this bi-annual check, it is a good idea to have a professional come out once a year and have your A/C serviced.  It can be tempting to not spend the money on a technician, but catching an issue while it is small can prevent you from spending more money when the problem becomes big and costly. Plus, a well maintained A/C unit will keep your power bill down because it will not cycle in and out continuously.